About Tomcat Expert

Our goal is to help improve the adoption, performance and value of Apache Tomcat, the open source java application server published by the Apache Software Foundation, for enterprise users.

Apache Tomcat is the most popular java application server in the world. Hundreds of thousands of developers, sysadmins, and web operations professionals rely on Apache Tomcat everyday to power their projects and businesses. Yet, there is no professionally moderated online resource for people developing and operating Apache Tomcat specifically in an enterprise environment. While some resources exist, there is no dedicated place that people go to discuss best practices, troubleshooting, and the technology applications of Apache Tomcat in the enterprise.

The Tomcat Expert community site was built to provide these users with a professionally moderated place to research and discuss Apache Tomcat deployment in the enterprise. Created by the Apache Tomcat experts at SpringSource, the people who contribute to this site include both committers and recognized members of the greater open source community of Apache.

The goal of this site is to be the most comprehensive source of information and insight on how to best incorporate Apache Tomcat into the enterprise. Our definition of ‘enterprise’ is not necessarily by the dollars you spend or the amount of pages you serve, it is that the applications you run are absolutely critical to your business and need the utmost attention to reliability, security, and manageability.

We plan to continue to evolve our site as our community participation grows (submit feedback here). To date, here are some of our core capabilities within this site.

The Blog
Read about best practices, trends and news on the Apache Tomcat project by our team of experts.

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Knowledge Base
Search for information on how to improve your Apache Tomcat deployment from our deep history of articles, howtos, and tips and tricks. Read up on the training presentations that have been delivered at user conferences and tradeshows directly from the experts.

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Ask The Experts
Have a question on Apache Tomcat for your enterprise deployment that you just can’t seem to find an answer for? Ask us, and our team of experts will help point you in the right direction.

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