Tomcat on Multi-Core System

Hi to All,

I am having the foolowing queries.


1. How to make to run the Tomcat on more than one core(Multi-Core)?

2. Can some body give me the documentation/article about the tuning of Tomcat to run on muti-core.


Thanks in Advance!!

asked by karthikeyan


Tomcat runs great on multi-processor / multi-core servers out-of-the-box.  There is no additional configuration required take advantage of a multi-processor / multi-core setup.

As for tuning Tomcat, you may want to take a look at the various connectors offered by Tomcat.  Each connector is different and has it's strengths and weaknesses.  You can see more information about the connectors at the following link.


answered by dmikusa on January 23, 2012 08:26 AM

Daniel Mikusa is a Software Support Engineer at Pivotal.  Daniel has been a user of Apache Tomcat for the past six years and is currently focused on providing enterprise-class support for Pivotal's Tomcat and tc Server customers. Daniel attended college at Kent State University and holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.


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