Everything Apache Tomcat 8 Meetup in San Francisco 9/24

posted by Stacey Schneider on September 17, 2013 04:45 PM

The Apache Tomcat community has been working hard over the past two years developing the next release, what will be Apache Tomcat 8. The first release candidate for Tomcat 8 was released this past August, and users are starting to test out the new release. Within the structure of the Apache Software Foundation, the release manager for Apache Tomcat 8 is currently Pivotal's Mark Thomas.

As cited in a profile piece on Mark Thomas on Pivotal's blog earlier this year, since 2003 Thomas has been involved in a number of facets of the Tomcat project, including becoming a Tomcat committer and PMC member, volunteering to be the Tomcat 7  and 8 release manager, creating the Tomcat security pages, becoming a member of the ASF, joining the Apache Security Committee and the JCP expert groups for WebSocket, JSP and Servlet. In addition, he wrote Tomcat’s WebSocket implementation as well as large parts of the Servlet 3.0 and Servlet 3.1 implementations. He also a member of the ASF infrastructure team where, amongst other things, he helps maintain the ASF’s Bugzilla instances.

In parallel with attending JavaOne next week in San Francisco, on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 5:30PM, Thomas will host a meetup at Pivotal's San Francisco offices at 875 Howard Street. During the event he will provide an update on several topics including the most recent developments in Tomcat 8 and open the floor to discuss other items about Apache Tomcat. 

Attend the Meetup at 875 Howard Street 5th Floor.

The first part of the meeting will cover these items, particularly the new and changed features in Tomcat 8 and the JSR-356 support.


·       5:30 - 6:30 pm : Networking drinks and pizza

·       6:30 - 8:00 pm : Introductions and talk by speaker

·       8:00 - 8:30 pm : Continued discussion

The topics for the second half will be decided by the audience. Thomas will have material with him to cover security, memory leaks, clustering, reverse proxies and performance. There should be time to cover any two of these. If there is a lot of interest in some other Tomcat related topic, he is willing to open the discussion to cover those as well. The evening will wrap up with an opportunity to ask any remaining questions.

Stacey Schneider is focused on helping evangelize how cloud technologies are transforming application development and delivery by managing the blog and social media for Pivotal. Prior to its acquisition, Stacey led marketing and community management for application management software provider Hyperic, now a part of VMware’s management portfolio. Before her work in the cloud, she also held various technical leadership positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including work on the Nexus project, which focused on building portable web applications that worked across Java and .NET. Stacey is also the managing principal of SiliconSpark, a consulting agency that has helped over 12 software companies go to market on the web and across the cloud over the past 5 years.


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