Deploying exploded WAR files

posted by SpringSource on April 27, 2010 05:34 AM

Files in the work and temp directories depend on timestamps to be overwritten.

If you deployed the web app using WAR file originally, then you need to either redeploy the entire WAR file or need to meet any of the conditions listed in the official Apache Tomcat documentation.

Your other two options are:

  1. Remove the exploded web app and redeploy the web app using the war file.
  2. Update the exploded web app and do a touch on the WEB-INF/web.xml of the application to redeploy.

If you are having trouble with files not updating in the work and temp directory it is possible you may have a conflict with timestamps. The work and temp directory are used for compiled jsp files, so if your compiled jsp files timestamp are newer than the timestamp of your new jsp files then Tomcat will only serve the old files. Therefore, you need to check and compare the timestamp of the newly deployed web app with the in the work or temp directories. If the files in either directory are newer, you’ll need to delete the old web app files in work directory or touch all the new web app files to update their timestamp.

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It is so sad that we need to either redeploy the WAR file or try to meet conditions listed, but I will do it each and every time as I am planning to Write My Assignment - Pay Someone to Do My Assignment . Hope you will resolve the issue with deploying shortly.

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