Case Study Slides: Migrating Hyperic from EJB to Spring from JBoss to Apache Tomcat

posted by SpringSource on November 29, 2010 01:02 PM

Jennifer Hickey of SpringSource presents a Case Study of migrating Hyperic from EJB to Spring. From the 2010 SpringOne 2GX conference. 


This case study on migrating the web application monitoring and management software, Hyperic, to the Spring Framework and Apache Tomcat was originally delivered by Jennifer Hickey at the 2010 SpringOne 2GX conference

To view the complete webinar with audio from Jennifer Hickey, please see the webinar post here on

Presentation Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Project Timeline
    • Project Evolution Begins
    • EJBs Converted
    • WAR on JBoss
    • WAR on Tomcat
    • Full Distros
    • Functional Complete Maven
    • 4.5 RC
  • Conclusion

Presentation Outline:

  • SpringSource Hyperic Application and Infrastructure Management
  • Basic HQ Architecture
  • Why migrate? 
  • How Does Lean Help? 
  • Project Timeline: Project Evolution Begins
    • Planning a Migration
    • Factors in Migration Complexity
    • Partial vs Full Migration
    • Extras
    • Resources
  • M1 Goal: EJBs Converted
    • Preliminary Steps
    • Dependency Injection
    • Application Context Files
    • Converted EJB Lookup
    • Application Context Instantiation
    • Data Access and Transactions with Spring and EJB
    • Hibernate with Spring and EJB
    • EJB Conversion Checklist
    • Struts 1.x And Spring
  • M2 Goal: WAR on JBoss
    • Message-Driven EJB Conversion
    • JMS Message Broker Conversion
    • ActiveMQ Configuration
    • JMS Producer Conversion
    • MBean Conversion
    • JMX with Spring
    • Web Conversion
    • Transaction Management
  • M3: WAR on Tomcat
    • Security Conversion
    • Scheduling Conversion
    • The Last of EJB and JBoss....
    • Final Steps M4: Full Distros
  • M4 Tasks
    • Demo: Integration Testing with Spring
  • M5: Functional Complete Maven
  • Project Timeline: 4.5 RC
  • Conclusion: Wrapping it Up
    • Improved maintainability, testability, and reliability
    • Next Steps
For more than 10 years, SpringSource employees have been supporting Apache technologies, with unparalleled experience and commitment to the Apache Software Foundation. More than 400 of the Fortune 500 count on SpringSource to support their mission-critical business applications. Leaders of the Apache Software Foundation, including Board Members, work at SpringSource and dedicate a significant amount of time further developing the Apache Tomcat open source project. Over the last 2 years, 95% of the issues fixed in the Apache Tomcat project were fixed by SpringSource engineers. For more information on how SpringSource can help your enterprise, see the SpringSource website, or call 800/444-1935.



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