Migrating from Java Enterprise Servers to Enterprise Apache Tomcat

posted by SpringSource on April 8, 2010 12:06 PM

For development and operations teams, a presentation that covers how companies approach migrating high-cost Java Enterprise servers to a leaner solution.

The technological bloat, complexity and high cost of traditional Java Enterprise servers combined with the portability of Spring architected applications are driving businesses to consider a more lean approach to enterprise Java. Tomcat has become the most popular server for running enterprise solutions but how can you tell if your application is ready to make the switch and what is the best way to move to a lighter solution? This presentation discusses the factors involved with using Tomcat in an enterprise setting and provides a practical guide for migrating your production systems to a leaner solution.


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Presentation Agenda:

  • Intro and SpringSource Overview
  • Today's Java Landscape
  • Migration
    • Decision
    • Assessments
    • Code Migration Strategies
  • tc Server Overview

Presentation Outline

  • Agenda
  • Seminar Series Recap
  • SpringSource Overview
  • SpringSource Stack
  • SpringSource Offerings
  • Time to Value
  • Application Revolution
  • Unified Application Lifecycle
  • Today's De Facto Standards
  • How does Spring relate to Tomcat
  • Spring Powered Applications
  • Spring Replaces App Server Functionality
  • Making the Migration Decision
  • Assessing the Candidate Apps
  • Java EE
  • Java EE in Tomcat
  • Factors in Migration Complexity
  • General Strategy: Layering and Interfaces
  • General Strategy: Migrate in Pieces
  • Service Layer Migration
  • Data Access Layer and Data Access Object Migration
  • Web and Presentation Tier Migration
  • Transactional Code
  • Local Resource TX API Usage
  • JTA Usage - Non EJB and EJB Bean Managed Transactions (BMT)
  • EJB Session Beans
  • EJBs with Container Managed Transactions
  • EJBs with Bean Managed Transactions
  • EJBs with Container Managed Security
  • EJB Message Driven Beans
  • EJB Entity Beans
  • EJB Client Access Code
  • Remoting
  • DataSources
  • Security
  • Messaging
  • Management and Monitoring
  • SpringSource tc Server - Overview and Architecture
For more than 10 years, SpringSource employees have been supporting Apache technologies, with unparalleled experience and commitment to the Apache Software Foundation. More than 400 of the Fortune 500 count on SpringSource to support their mission-critical business applications. Leaders of the Apache Software Foundation, including Board Members, work at SpringSource and dedicate a significant amount of time further developing the Apache Tomcat open source project. Over the last 2 years, 95% of the issues fixed in the Apache Tomcat project were fixed by SpringSource engineers. For more information on how SpringSource can help your enterprise, see the SpringSource website, or call 800/444-1935.


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