Blog : Escape JEE Bloat: Implement a Lightweight App Server Architecture

posted by Stacey Schneider on October 15, 2012 08:05 AM

Traditional Java EE (JEE) app servers bring complexity to the mix. In addition, they are costly and consume a lot of resources. Forrester wrote an article in 2011 about the costs saying, “Use Apache Tomcat. It is free.” IDC’s research from 2011 points how enterprises are moving “toward lower-cost application platforms that shift them closer to private, public, and hybrid cloud offerings.” Of course, you can find plenty of historical posts and debates from practitioners on costs and resources from past years.

This year at JavaOne and VMworld, we heard plenty of feedback about simplicity from architects and developers – it’s certainly been popular for a while.

So, if you are looking at middleware support for mobile apps, in-memory databases, auto- scaling, and virtual/cloud infrastructure, then you might want to check out our webinar coming up on Thursday, October 25th. In this session, we will cover quite a bit about vFabric tc Server:

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