Blog : Interview with Mark Thomas, Apache Tomcat 7 Committer & Release Manager

posted by avanabs on August 2, 2010 07:57 AM

In my previous blog, I discussed the adoption of Tomcat 7 from the consultant/users view. I also promised an interview with one of the Apache Tomcat 7 committers, to provide the insiders views.

We’re here today with Mark Thomas, Apache Tomcat Committer and Release Manager for Tomcat 7.

Andy: Thanks for spending the time with me this evening. Congratulations to you and the Tomcat Community for achieving the Beta milestone for Release 7. We’re hearing interest from our clients, and it looks like there is lots of good stuff in this release.

 I understand that you are "Release Manager", as well as committer, for Tomcat 7...what does that role entail?

Mark: The Tomcat community has traditionally had a 'fixed' release manager for each major branch. It is fixed in that the same person does it for several releases in a row but in theory any committer could start a release at any point. As release manager, I build the release (do a clean checkout from svn and then 'ant release'), upload the release to a staging area and then call a vote on the dev list.

If the vote passes, I copy the files from the staging area to the distribution area, update the download links, update the latest version information on the Tomcat homepage, upload the maven artifacts and send out the release announcement to the lists. It sounds like a lot of work, but it is 99% automated.

Much more effort goes into the voting phase, where we check the release quality.

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